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Nursing home negligence and abuse is an all too common problem with wide-ranging health  implications. People living in nursing homes are there because they need attention and high quality care. Unfortunately, the things that put them in the home in the first place, like fragility or illness, make them more vulnerable to suffering from abuse. Particularly troubling is that the people who are supposed to be serving their health needs are the ones perpetrating the abuse. 

The effects of the abuse can be devastating. Patients that suffer from abuse are three times more likely to have poor health outcomes, including death. The elderly take more time to recover from injuries, but the poor health outcomes from nursing home abuse don’t just apply to physical abuse. Mental abuse can ruin a patient’s quality of life and lead to depression and anxiety issues, hardships that makes thriving in the nursing home environment difficult.

If you suspect that you or a loved one have suffered from nursing home abuse in PA, then you want to consult medical malpractice lawyers as soon as possible. Only an experienced personal injury attorney can provide the attention you need to make sure your legal interests are being upheld.


Nursing home abuse is abuse that happens against those living in nursing homes, often seniors. It’s when staff members hired by the facility commit violence, mental abuse, or sexual abuse on their residents. It may also include neglect and intentional neglect, and is most commonly seen perpetrated against elderly women.

Types of physical abuse may be hitting, slapping, or choking. Mental abuse may come in the form of threats, humiliation, or purposeful isolation. Nursing home abuse can also include financial abuse like identity theft or fraud. The facility may be responsible even if it’s committed by another resident at the facility rather than the staff as it’s the facility’s responsibility to provide a safe environment for their residents.

The dangers posed by nursing home abuse are clear. It can cause physical injuries like bruises and broken bones, as well as emotional and psychological symptoms. If a person in a nursing home is neglected, they can suffer injuries like bedsores that cause significant pain and can lead to long recovery times or even death.

What Are The Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Pennsylvania?

If you suspect a loved one is suffering from physical abuse at a nursing home there are a number of signs you’ll want to look out, especially unexplained injuries like:

  • Bruises
  • Broken bones
  • Fear of certain staff
  • Broken glasses
  • Restraint marks

Some signs of emotional abuse and negligence are:

  • Unusual behavior
  • Social isolation
  • Bedsores
  • Dehydration
  • Malnutrition

PA’s Best Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

If you believe that your loved one has been harmed or is suffering from serious abuse or neglect from a nursing home, home care or assisted living facility it is important that you take immediate action. You need to be their voice and get your loved one the help that they desperately need and deserve. 

Richard Hollawell’s team is highly experienced and compassionate and we will investigate your neglect and abuse case to the fullest, to get you and your family the justice and maximum compensation that your family deserves.

If a loved one has suffered abuse at the hands of a nursing home, contact Richard Hollawell today for a free consultation of your case. Our team has handled hundreds of personal injury cases and serves all of our clients with understanding and compassion. We will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call us at 1-800-681-3550 or use the contact form for your free consultation today.


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